Unknown Fields – Madagascar

Multimedia Video with Data Dramatisation, Animation and Editorial Captions
From 2013 Unknown Fields Expedition to Madagascar

Ilakaka Mining

Cinematic Showreel

Cinematic Showreel


Broadcast Showreel

Broadcast Showreel


BBC – Natural World – Madagascar, Lemurs and Spies

BBC Feature containing elements of undercover footage

BBC Natural World - Madagascar, Lemurs and Spies

O2 Guru TV Inspire: Sony Xperia S Photography Challenge

3 day Photography Challenge for Sony, 02 and Agency VCCP


SF Video Portal

German Language newspiece from SF (Switzerland) covering the Rosewood crisis.

Bois de Rose - Madagascar

Sample 12 Opening

Private View of Sample 12 Exhibition at The Printspace


Stand Your Ground

Short film exploring photographer’s rights when working in Central London.


The Day the Lea Valley Closed

Short film capturing July 31st 2009, when the Lea Valley was closed for the Olympic Development.

Carpenters Road 2

In The Picture: China’s New Energy Pioneers

Edit excerpts of the presentation of China’s New Energy Pioneers at The Frontline Club